Know Your Purpose

Know Your Purpose – What’s Your End Game?

Defining Your Purpose for a Fulfilling Business Journey

In today’s dynamic business landscape, simply aiming for profit is no longer enough. Consumers are increasingly drawn to companies with a clear purpose, a driving force that extends beyond the bottom line. However, for aspiring entrepreneurs, defining that purpose can be daunting. Where do you even begin?

Unearthing Your “Why”:

What drives you is your “why.” It gets you out of bed every morning, eager to grow your business. Is it a strong desire to address a social problem? A passion to develop a product that changes an entire industry? It could be the vision of nurturing a positive and teamwork-focused work environment.

Here are some steps to help you discover your purpose:

1. Start with introspection: What are your values? What problems in the world do you want to solve? What skills and experiences do you have that can make a difference?

2. Seek inspiration: Look into successful businesses with a strong purpose. What about their approach resonates with you?

3. Talk to others: Share your ideas with potential customers, mentors, and industry experts. Their feedback can refine your purpose and ensure it connects with your target audience.

Purpose: A Guiding Light

A well-defined purpose offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Clarity and Direction: When faced with tough decisions, your purpose acts as a compass, guiding your choices and keeping you focused on your ultimate goal.
  • Motivation and Resilience: There will be setbacks on your business journey. A strong purpose provides the fuel to persevere through challenges and keep moving forward.
  • Employee Engagement: Employees who understand and connect with the company’s purpose are more likely to be passionate, productive, and invested in the company’s success.
  • Customer Connection: Consumers are drawn to businesses that share their values. A clear purpose can build brand loyalty and attract customers who resonate with your mission.

Purpose in Action

Remember, purpose is not a static concept. It can evolve and adapt as your business grows. Here are some ways to keep your purpose at the forefront:

  • Communicate your purpose: Clearly articulate your purpose in your mission statement, company values, and marketing materials.
  • Integrate purpose into your operations: Ensure your business practices align with your purpose. For example, if sustainability is a core value, source eco-friendly materials.
  • Lead by example: Demonstrate your commitment to purpose through your actions and decisions.

Defining and nurturing your purpose will help you build a business that is not only financially successful but also positively impacts the world. This will lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful entrepreneurial journey.

Why Are You Building This Business

Do You Have The Right Stuff

Do You Have The Right Stuff?


Starting your own business is a more profound project than many wish to admit. Do you have the personality and training to be an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are not born; they become educated in the needed skills to lead, manage, and grow a successful company.

Find Out If You Have The Right Stuff

Take a personality test for yourself and your partners if you have them. Standard tests are the Type A and B personality tests, the Big Five Personality Test, the Cognitive Style Inventory, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The tests identify the skills and traits of an individual.

They are identifying specific characteristics needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

You may have the skill set for a particular function. But you must know every aspect and part of the intended businesses you are trying to create. You can only hire employees to fill specific positions if you know the questions to ask about their skill sets and if they are current and viable. 

Don’t race to the finish line. There is a lot of preparation.

Some claim that all they need is their business license, which needs to be corrected. There are so many other tasks before you even reach that point. Slow down and write your to-do list (pros and cons). First, determine if your market area and predicted customer base need your product or service. Yes, we can say we can do it better than XYZ, but then you have the challenge of convincing your potential customer base that you are better than your competitor. Remember, their bad reviews can reflect on you.  

Creating A Business Research Start-up Budget, Even For An Existing Business

There are hours of research that goes into creating your new enterprise. There are many of the same rules for each type of business, from retail to manufacturing. But each task is a line item concerning the funding of each part of the “competitive discovery.” 

Discovering If Your Business Idea Is The Right One

It is so easy to get locked into an idea and start investing, then realize our idea/path was wrong. It is a habit to copy other successful companies and then discover they are not as successful as they appear. Market and trend research is vital, realizing that some fade businesses last six months to two years. To be successful, you need to do your homework, lots of it. 

The Generation Of Followers Through Proper Leadership

We have heard about knowing OUR WHY (Simon Sinek) to stand out from your competition, but there is more when creating followers. Your Why must be so realistic and genuine that others will set aside their goals to follow yours and your dream. They are hoping you will make their lives better and that of others.

Truth or Noise

The information provided and the direction and path are often gathered from Google, Bing, AI text generators, and other sources. More accurate and in-depth research is needed, which their providers have admitted needs much improvement. Truth and facts are vital when putting together your future pathway.

The provided content via AI and other website content lacks originality and strength of facts due to the trend of copying and mixing other content. Those creating algorithms for AI may have undesirable intentions in these mathematical software engines in promoting political agendas and personal or corporate promotions. 

Due to the infiltration of AI (and there is a lot of reverse engineering of your intentions, as you move forward, you will be reversing engineering other businesses, strategies, and methods.

A New Family Member

When you start your own company, it’s not just a business – it’s a new family member. Like any new addition to the family, there will be ups and downs. You will need support, and you will need to build a community. But most importantly, you will need to remember that starting a company is a lot like starting a new family.

 Challenges and Rewards  

Ups and downs: Starting a company and a family comes with challenges and rewards. In both situations, there will be good days and bad days. There will be times when you feel like quitting and times when you feel like everything is going your way. It’s essential to embrace these ups and downs and realize they are a natural part of the process.

Need for Support

Just like you need help from family and friends when you start a new family, you also need support when you start a business. You will encounter challenges that you will need help tackling. You will require people to help you navigate challenging times and to celebrate your successes. It’s essential to surround yourself with a team of people who believe in your vision and are willing to support you.

Importance of Community

Starting a business is not just about making a profit – it’s also about positively impacting the community. Just like a family is a basic unit within a larger community, a business is also an important community member. Building relationships with other companies, customers, and community members is critical. Being a part of a community can provide opportunities for growth, support, and collaboration.

Why Family is Essential to Small Businesses

Family is vital to small businesses because it provides a strong foundation for growth and success. Just like a family offers emotional and financial support, a strong team of employees who feel like family can offer the same support to a business. Employees who feel part of a family are more motivated to work hard and contribute to the business’s success. Family-owned companies often have a unique culture and values that set them apart from other firms.  

Starting a company is not easy, but neither is starting a family. Both require hard work, dedication, and support from others. Just like you wouldn’t give up on your family, you shouldn’t give up on your business. Embrace the ups and downs, build a strong community, and remember that family is a crucial ingredient to the success of any small business.

But always remember that your own personal family comes first overall.

(There is no excuse for failure in the home – David O’ McKay.)

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Give Them A Reason To Care

Give Them A Reason To Care

How Are You Changing Their Lives?

Give Them a Reason to Care: How Your Business is Changing Lives

In a world saturated with choices, capturing customer attention requires more than just a catchy slogan or a flashy website. Today’s consumers crave authenticity and connection. They want to know: why should I care about your business? How are you making a difference in my life?

This isn’t just about fluffy marketing speak. Understanding your impact and communicating a clear value proposition is key to building lasting customer relationships and fostering brand loyalty.

Shifting the Focus:

Traditionally, businesses have focused on selling products or services. But a more impactful approach lies in selling the transformation your offering provides. How does your product or service improve your customer’s life?

  • Do you empower them to be healthier? (e.g., fitness app, healthy meal delivery service)
  • Do you streamline their daily routines? (e.g., grocery delivery service, time management software)
  • Do you connect them with loved ones in a meaningful way? (e.g., video conferencing platform, personalized greeting card service)

Unveiling Your Customer’s Story:

People connect with stories. Showcase the positive impact your business has on real people’s lives.

  • Feature customer testimonials: Let your customers tell their stories in their own words.
  • Highlight case studies: Showcase how your product or service has helped specific businesses or individuals achieve success.
  • Utilize social media: Share user-generated content that demonstrates how your product is being used in everyday life.

Beyond Products: Building Community

Purpose plays a vital role in attracting and retaining customers. Consumers are drawn to businesses that align with their values.

  • Do you support a social cause? Partner with charities or volunteer your time.
  • Do you champion sustainability? Highlight your eco-friendly practices and commitment to ethical sourcing.
  • Do you believe in fostering a positive work environment? Showcase your company culture and commitment to employee well-being.

By demonstrating your impact and aligning your business with your customer’s values, you create a compelling reason to care. You shift from being a simple vendor to a trusted partner who is actively improving their lives. This emotional connection fosters brand loyalty and fuels long-term success. Remember, it’s not just about what you sell, it’s about the positive change you create.

Will Your Solution Improve The Way We Live?

Will Your Solution Improve The Way We Live?

Will Your Solution Improve the Way We Live?

“Innovation is the lifeblood of progress. Every day, countless entrepreneurs dream of solutions that will revolutionize our lives. But with a constant stream of new ideas, how do you stand out from the crowd? The answer lies in a simple question: Will your solution truly improve the way we live?

Beyond Novelty: Focusing on Impact

Sure, a quirky gadget or a flashy app might grab headlines initially. However, true success comes from products and services that address real needs and create a lasting impact. Here’s how to ensure your solution offers genuine improvement, addressing the pressing issues of our time:

  • Identify Existing Pain Points: What are people’s everyday struggles? Is it a tedious chore, a lack of access to information, or inefficiency in a daily process? Focus on solutions that address these problems.
  • Simplify, Don’t Complicate: Does your solution add unnecessary complexity to people’s lives? Aim for intuitive and user-friendly designs that enhance life, not burden it.

Prioritize Sustainability: In today’s world, it’s not just about solving problems, but also about doing it in a way that doesn’t harm our planet. Consider your solution’s environmental impact. Will it create additional waste? Does it promote energy efficiency? Responsible innovation is not just a buzzword, it’s critical to long-term positive change.

Innovation with a Human Touch

Technology is powerful, but it should always serve humanity. Here’s how to ensure your solution indeed improves lives, not just technological capabilities:

  • Focus on User Experience: The success of your solution hinges on how well it caters to the diverse needs of your target audience. User-centered design is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. Aim for inclusive and accessible designs that truly enhance your users’ lives.
  • Empowerment, Not Dependence: Does your solution give people more control over their lives? Strive to empower users, not create a cycle of dependence.
  • Promote Human Connection: Technology can be isolating. Does your solution meaningfully foster human connection and social interaction, potentially bringing people closer together?
  • Making a Difference, One Solution at a Time

The world doesn’t need another “me-too” product. It craves innovation that tackles real problems and makes a positive difference. By focusing on solutions that simplify, empower, and connect, you can ensure your business is not just another player in the game but a force for positive change in how we live.

Remember, true innovation isn’t just about what you create; it’s about how it improves the human experience.

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Building Your Overall Business Plan

Why Business Plans Are Your Secret Weapon

It’s important to realize that a business plan is more than just an attempt to secure a business loan. For many startups, a well-crafted business plan offers many benefits beyond loan applications. It’s a roadmap to success, a blueprint for navigating the often-choppy waters of the business world. It allows you to describe each step and action you will take in operating your business and its guiding principles.

The Purpose of the Business:

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to understand the backstory before delving into entrepreneurship. The topics may include:

  • Achieving financial independence.
  • Personal fulfillment.
  • Improving the lives of others.
  • Addressing regional, national, or global concerns.

Objectives and Goals: The result is the objective, while the goals are the steps to achieve that result. In addition, measurement tools should be in place to mark the points of success, followed by an analysis of these results to determine if the true objective was reached.


Imagine going on a road trip without a map. A business plan serves as your map, clearly defining your destination (objectives and goals) and the most effective route to get there (your strategies). It requires you to thoroughly analyze deeply your market, competition, and financial projections, helping you develop a strategic vision for your business and a logical starting point, whether you are a startup or an established company.

Forecasting and Fine-Tuning:

The process of creating a business plan involves identifying potential obstacles. Predicting challenges helps create backup plans and reduce risks before they hinder progress.

A Communication Powerhouse:

A strong business plan becomes a powerful communication tool. It can attract investors by outlining the potential for growth and return on their investment. It can also be a reference point for potential partners and collaborators, showcasing your professionalism and credibility.

Keeping Everyone on the Same Page:

As your business expands, a business plan ensures everyone is aligned with the overall goals and strategies. It provides a clear direction and keeps everyone working towards the same objectives.

A Living Guide: Your business plan is not a static document gathering dust on a shelf. It’s a dynamic entity that should be revisited and updated regularly. Schedule department leadership meetings to discuss changes that are due or need updating. As your business evolves, your plan should flex and adapt to reflect your changing course and emerging opportunities, ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness. It houses the rules of operation for every department. In conclusion, a business plan is invaluable for any entrepreneur, regardless of their funding needs. It’s an investment in your business’s future, providing direction, focus, and a clear path to achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

Build Your Business Plan To Stay On Track and Grow

Build Your Business Plan with LivePlan

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