Core Values

Integrity, Ethics, and Respect:

The core foundation of Red Cliff Consulting is integrity. All the interactions with our clients, vendors, stakeholders, and staff are conducted with integrity, ethics, and respect.

Ownership and Responsibility:

An environment of personal accountability tied with responsibility delivers consistent results to our commitment to our clients and staff.


We strive to be exceptional in all we do. Working towards being the first choice for potential can current clients.
To provide an atmosphere of caring for those in our community. Lifting and motivating others makes our community a safer and better place to live.


Business relationships with clients and our vendors to provide mutual benefits. A long-term relationship our vital.

Guiding Principles


These create our short and long term goals from success. These will always be aligned with correct principles at all time through our aggressive goals.


We honor those who excel in their achievements personally and in the community.


We are always part of the solution—and not the problem creators.


Mutual Respect:

Each member of our staff’s time and schedule are important. It is important to be on time and deliver on-time high-quality work/products.


Every dollar earned takes hard work and should be respected and spent correctly to keep the company debt-free and in line with all correct accounting principles.

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