Dear Entrepreneurs,

It is like a fresh beginning after our survival from the pandemic. We must reflect on history and what it has taught us, and we can not allow the confusion created by leadership to guide our every direction and decision. As Entrepreneurs, you stay steadfast and strong and continue focusing on your objectives.

As I write this letter to our clients and prospects who wish to gain a stronger foothold toward strong profitability, much work remains to be accomplished.

Capitalism is not about politics or social or ideological agendas. It is not the culture of “woke.” Capitalism is a mutually beneficial relationship between you and the employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. 

Capitalism is about innovation and reinventing. It would be best to evolve in this international community as it changes around you. Always keep a focused eye on new competitors from various directions.

Remember the technological advances and never shy away from solutions that dramatically improve your strategic position.

Your voice must be loud and clear from the board room to your nation’s capital. At every step in the relationship leadership chain, these leaders need to know what value your organization brings to the community’s various levels.

Over thirty-five years ago, I created the vision of where I wanted to take my business endeavor; I had technical experience and no knowledge of running an enterprise. I remember meeting with my first time experience with my new CPA, and I knew I was in deep trouble when I was asked a simple accounting question. Where are your P&L and balance sheets? Right then, I knew an immediate focus on business education was necessary—eliminating false agenda, arrogance, and an overinflated ego.

As we progressed, assisting our clients in the technology sector of their businesses, questions began to arise about how to solve various issues in their organizations. These are not simple questions; they were pretty involved but solvable then. By combining these learning experiences over the thirty-plus years, we have become adaptable at creating solutions that create resolutions and profitability for our clients.

So, what’s next for entrepreneurialism? Prepare for my change within the relationship within your organization. Work conditions are changing as the rising pay and employee benefits change. Employees want more in their entitlements. They desire more flexibility and more meaningful work. 

As companies rebuild themselves, you must relook at your objectives, which relate to the goals. Is there enough benefit for these internal leaders and employees to embrace and sideline your plans? 

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