Lana Hone Office Manager Hurricane Valley Chamber of Commerce

Lana Hone – Office Manager Hurricane Valley Chamber

Eric Werny of Red Cliff Consulting is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, not only in computers but in business strategies as well. He continuously offers ideas to help the Chamber improve and grow and is eager to share his tricks and ways to work smarter and faster.

Eric’s suggestions and recommendations are always straightforward but offered in kindness and genuine concern. He quickly responds to questions and offers sensible, workable solutions to problems that may arise.

Eric’s positive attitude and encouragement have benefited me personally. He is a trusted consultant and has become a valued friend and mentor.

Russ Atkin

Funeral Director | Owner | Serenity Funeral Home | Credmation Center Southern Utah

“Working with Eric of Red Cliff Consulting is a great experience. We have known each other for a number of years we have had numerous successful business dealings. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend him to anyone.

Each issue we have encountered, no matter what it has been, computer/networking/web page, etc. Eric has always had the right answer. He has always taken the time necessary to truly understand the issue and has always gone the extra mile to figure out the best and most economical way to help us accomplish each goal. I trust him completely and am thankful for his help, expertise, and friendship.”

Denise Dunker – President – Clear for Ears

I was in desperate need as I had lost my domain and website. Eric had seen my post on my social media and reached out to me and let me know he could help. Of course, a couple of the things he advised were beyond my knowledge of website abilities, so he offered some new ideas on things I hadn’t done before to spice things up. Then when it was complete, he sat down with me and showed me some tips on how to do things on my own, which I appreciated.

I feel he was honest and completed everything in a timely manner. I mean, who does that? Most companies want more money from you and make you feel like you need them for everything! You won’t be disappointed! Give him a call.”

Ashley Marie Labaron – President – Ashley Marie Soaps

I was referred to Eric Werny by Jeffery Mather from the Small Business Development Center and told me that Eric could really help me map out my business goals and help me with a few key things that I needed to do for my business to start growing. From the day I contacted him he has gone the extra mile to help me with my website through phone calls and e-mails, and he’s been such a great support for my business. He’s always so willing to do research on whatever questions I have and is very encouraging and motivating. I feel so blessed to have gotten in contact with him and if anyone needs help with their business he’s the one to get in touch with.

Ashley Marie Lebaron – President of Ashley Marie Soaps

Paul Zolman – President of Z Companies

“Eric is incredible at his business consulting. So good in fact that he always makes it seem like it’s your idea! It wouldn’t have surfaced without the conversation.”

Paul Zolman President of Z Companies