When I Spoke To King Hussein of Jordan, And What It Meant To My Life.

In 1962, when I was fourteen years old, I was deeply involved in Ham Radio. On a Saturday afternoon, I received a phone call from a family friend, Dr. Sprague, who invited me over with my parent’s permission to participate in a worldwide contest involving Ham radio from all over the world. The goal was to contact as many countries as possible.

It is who I made contact with during my first contact. To my surprise, it was His Majesty King Hussein of Jordon.

As you listen to this Podcast, you will hear the central question he asked me. It taught me a great lesson that has helped me my entire life: how to set a goal with an objective in mind, which I did attain.

The Two Guys From New Jersey – The Hardest Lesson Ever Learned

Imagine two brilliant minds from New Jersey who have built a thriving semiconductor company from scratch. They are now enticing a new potential client to join their ever-growing list of satisfied customers. As the prospect departs the Los Angeles International Airport, the two owners passionately discuss who will represent the company as the CEO. The excitement is palpable, and you can tell that these two entrepreneurs have an over-inflated set of egos.

A screaming match ensued, and during that time, the prospect arrived and could hear the screaming. As a result, he managed to make his way to see both business owners simultaneously and made the following statement. I see that both of you are not the desired vendor I wish to work with, and I have decided to work with one of your competitors, so this is not a wasted trip.

In addition to this event, three of their long-time test technicians resigned.
It is a hard lesson to learn about pre-destroying potential relationships, and every sale is built on the relationship of trust.

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