The Story Of The Journey:

Eric Werny – Founder of Red Cliff Consulting, LLC

In 1987, he decided to venture out independently after leaving his career due to massive economic changes with Eastman Kodak Company. He is currently the founder of senior consultant of Red Cliff Consulting, LLC(R)., author, and speaker.

There was a very unbelievably steep learning curve, one after the other, to be educated to become an entrepreneur.

I have a list of those I must thank for mentoring me over the years.

  •  Gale Maxwell, Director of Silicon Valley Economic Development.
  • Jack Daniel of the Jack Daniel Company, Ranco Cucamonga.
  • Jill Ellis, Director of the Business Resource Center at Dixie State College, St. George, Utah.
  •  Tim Anderson, Attorney of Kirton | McConkie.
  • Len Erickson, former SBDC director.
  • Jeff Mather, current SBDC director. ]

There were times, and some too many to mention, when he had the impression he had figured out the objectives but was quickly humbled.

The realization is that entrepreneurs are not born; they are mentors, educated, and developed to adopt the mindset. There were some failures where hard lessons were learned, but it always came back to remembering the basics, sticking to the plan, and updating and modifying it to fit the current business climate.

Experience and education are essential, and constantly reading journals, books, and publications related to the various industries to understand their challenges.

While operating an IT technology company, our clients constantly sought answers to their business problems. Some were difficult and complex, but through dedication, solutions were implemented.

Our focus after all this time of learning the so-call ropes of the consulting industry. Our focus has become start-ups – those individuals thinking about or starting their businesses, service industries, and technology for business.

Over the years, we have been helping entrepreneurs get excited about running their businesses or taking what they have built and improving them to true success and profitability.

It all comes down to finding the right tools, be they academic, physical, or emotional. But most of the time, it is helping the entrepreneurs believe in their vision and themselves. We have seen many succeed, sometimes with just a bit of encouragement.

What We Believe

Our core values are honesty, compassion, humor, courage, truth, virtue, and service. In the discovery process, we do more listening than talking. Due diligence is vital, along with communication clarity, to assist in the success of our clients.

Past and Current Client Successes

Jeff Mather – Regional Director of the St. George, Utah SBDC

“As the director of the Small Business Development Center of Saint George, Utah, which is associated with the Small Business Administration (SBA) ), The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and Dixie Applied Technology College, it provides me great pleasure to provide this official letter of recommendation, for Eric Werny and Red Cliff Consulting, LLC.
Mr. Werny is the consummate business-consulting professional. In addition, he is an expert in putting everyone at ease the moment he or a member of his staff enters the room, be it one-on-one or in a large group. He is diligent in looking deeper within the client’s businesses, individuals in leadership, and associates to discover growth opportunities and cost-saving methods. Their success includes company growth, doubling, and tripling their bottom line from direct efforts.
Red Cliff Consulting combines experience and success in business with technology consulting. That brings very effective options and solutions to the client, creating the best approach to discovering unexpected opportunities that generate additional revenue.
With strong communications skills giving constant updates on a recurring basis allows the client to make the necessary changes in a timely manner.
We again recommend Eric Werny and Red Cliff Consulting to help you and your business enjoy overall success for the future with continued prosperity.”
Jeff Mathers – Director SBDC St. George, Utah, 2021

2017 – Business Recognition Award

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